You've never seen UGA Like this.
Over the past 120 years of UGA's football program, coaches and fans alike have been capturing the priceless legacy on camera. These epic stories were captured and hidden away on the UGA campus never to be seen again. Until Now.
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The Legends of UGA Football.
Right at your fingertips.
Never before seen footage.
Using state of the at technologies, we've digitized and fully restored this glorious footage so that it can be enjoyed as if it was filmed yesterday.
Untold stories.
Featuring hours of interviews. We've brought in the legends of UGA to tell the untold stories behind those special moments, some you've never heard, and some all too familiar.
Keeping your fan trivia up-to-date.
As current games continue to play on TV, we will update the content in the app so that you can see past match ups, allowing you to stay knowledgeable and up to date on UGA history.
Giants. On a small screen.
Featuring your favorites from UGA's past and present and special one of a kind segments talking about UGA's historic moments

Never before seen footage
-Games dating back as far as 1925
-Exclusive interviews from the coaches and players talking about their favorite moments in UGA history
-Retina Display ready
Your Favorite Players
-Herschel Walker
-Kevin Butler
-Charlie Trippi
-Frank Sinkwich
-Lindsey Scott
-Fran Tarkenton
-and the list goes on
Your favorite Coaches
-Vince Dooley
-Ray Goff
-Wally Butts
-Mark Richt
-Harry Mehre
Your [least] favorite rivals
-South Carolina
-Georgia Tech
-and so on..

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